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OAG is a global travel data provider with headquarters in the UK. The company was founded in 1929 and operates in the USA, Singapore, Japan, Lithuania, and China. It has the world’s largest network of schedules and travel status data.

A former employee states, "OAG is in a death spiral. The company fails to understand that their products are obsolete, their management style is still in the "70's" and their culture is very oppressive to their employees- everyone who has left or has been RIF stated it was the best thing in their life that happened to them."


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Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Specifically for OAG Aviation/MRO Network: Negative and depressing working environment. Everyone hates working there and works as little as possible. No process is effective and nothing gets done. Good people are not appreciated and therefore leave as soon as they can. It is so frustrating and stressful that has affected many employees' mental/physical health and your personal life."

Sales Manager says

"people that don't understand their job"

Former Contractor - CSII says

"there are often managers, but not leaders"


"Lack of leadership and direction and unrealistic sales goals. Lots to do - need to increase employee size so employees are not overwhelmed."

Sales & Support Manager, The Americas (Former Employee) says

"They go through people at a rapid rate. I was told I was one of 26 people in the last year that held my position. The have sales goals they don't tell you about but use to release you, they are anti female, very male dominated management and no training and a ton of data to learn. It is a disaster to work there.Free CoffeeEverything"

Official Airline Guide (Former Employee) says

"The company fails to understand that there products are obsolete, their management style is still in the "70's" and their culture is very opressive to their employees- everyone who has left or has been RIF stated it was the best thing in their life that happened to themsee write up"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"It's questionable as to how some of the Directors got their positions and their actual functions. Some managers good and others weak. Problems with the dismissing of staff under you which you didn't employ or interview (or even asked to attend interviews of prospective candidates) and for which you are responsible for them to perform!"

Designer (Former Employee) says

"Worked on one of the biggest projects in London. Friendly directors and close communications.Salaries paid in time, main office environment is very good."

Child Support Specialist III (Current Employee) says

"My only issue is that management needs to stop treating there employees like children. It makes morale very low. Other than that I have no problems. Thanks"

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